12 Tags Before Christmas

Hello and welcome to The 12 Tags Before Christmas!

I love Christmas!  The sounds, the smells and the colors shinning so brightly!  It truly is an inspiring holiday.  I remember when I was a little girl I simply adored Christmas at school.  Remember all the Christmas art crafts we would make in class.  The cotton-ball snowmen, paper-roll reindeer and my favorite was always coloring in a picture of Santa. I really did adore all the color and making it my own. :) 

Well, there are several tags of Christmas out there and I wanted to do something but I wanted to make it my style.......I think I did it :)

I am really excited about this series of workshops.  I have been having so much fun designing them and creating them.  I wanted to remain true to my style and I think I have accomplished that. Now, I am stepping out of my comfort zone for 2 of them eeeks....however, I am really looking forward to what I come up with.  The tags do not take very long to create and in fact if you have children or gran-kids they can help you or make their own.  I have children of my own so I was making sure that whatever I was doing , that children will also be able to follow along in most of the tags without adult assistant. 

We will be working on 2 tags a week so we can have our tags before Christmas.  Each week a new page will go up.  I set it up this way in case some  members do not want to do all twelve tags and just want to try some of them :). I also wanted to make it affordable to everyone so that we could all have fun :) 

For this series of workshops their will be no group created.  If you have questions about the tag you signed up for then just please post in the comment area and ask away and of course share your work :)

The Cost of the online workshop is $10 per week (2 tags). That's it!  :) You sign up for the tags you want.

To register all you have to do is go to the tags page you want to participate in and it will prompt you for payment and then once I receive notification I will place you in that workshop.  It may not happen right away so please allow 24 hours and if you still don't see a notification then email me at and I will make sure that you get into the workshop and resolve the issue :)

I will be posting pictures of the tags tomorrow on this post, but if you would like a sneak peek then please visit my fan page My Whimsical Little World on Facebook :)

First workshop


Paola :)




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