I ADORE Paola. Meeting her through an online photography site a few years ago and then watching as much of a personal life as one can through social media. I CANNOT draw a straight line, but I am an artist in  my heart so I take pictures.

I have wanted to experience other mediums but have been scared STIFF to even try, so here I am, gonna learn how to make something personal:)

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awww Thank you so much Molly!!!  You are an angel!! hugs&love to you.   I am very thankful for your friendship and that we have been able to keep in touch.

There are no straight lines here :)   My teaching method starts of basic so that a beginner who says all they can draw is  a stick person will actually end drawing beautiful little girls with bodies :)

The art journalling is messy and fun.  You just let yourself go and follow your heart and imagination.  There are no mistakes in art, only wonderful surprises :)  I experiment with nearly everything, i love to explore in art you really never know what you will get and if it doesn't work...grab some gesso and see what happens :)

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